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No Stone Unturned

This mother's day the family went for an outing to Anderson Island. One of the San Juans, you say? No. Uh...isn't it that one next to Whidbey, or Vashon or something? Nope. Anderson Island is the southern most Puget Sound island, which puts it in Pierce County. It is accessed via car/passenger ferries operated by Pierce County, which is why you won't find the schedule or terminal information listed among the otherwise ubiquitous Washington State Ferries routes.


The island is densley wooded, threaded with small winding roads, and boasts a small general store. There are several parks, with well maintained trails leading to stony beaches. It takes just over an hour to get to the ferry line from Seattle, with favorable traffic, and the crossing is only about 30 minutes, making this an easy daytrip from the city. If you're playing Puget Sound island bingo, this is an easy square to mark out.

MRTAndersonIsland - 4.jpg

We made our way to the rocky beach of Carslon Bay, where the kids and I found easy entertainment turning over rocks. I love beaches for this reason -- they offer amazing enjoyment for the curious of all ages.

MRTAndersonIsland - 1.jpg

MRTAndersonIsland - 2.jpg

MRTAndersonIsland - 3.jpg

Want to get yourself or your kids unplugged for an afternoon? Head to a's just that easy. The rocks will take care of the rest.

Real things punchcard: water, hunt and gather, forest bathing

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