Foragers Dinner Club

Once a season a group of us gather to share a meal made of things found, killed, caught, or grown. We call it the Foragers Dinner Club, and last weekend was our slightly deferred fall gathering. The evening has, without fail, included a superabundance of foodstuffs, and as our skills and interests have grown, so has the diversity of the offerings at the table. This is hands down one of the most enjoyable events in my social calendar, and it hits too many real things to count: hunting and gathering, shared meals, village time, fermentation, gardening...even candles on the table filling in for fire. Take a look at the pictures and menu from our recent dinner:


Porcini mushroom risotto cubes, fried. A little garnish of pickled radishes and shallots.

Razor clam and crab cakes.

Market squid and lobster mushroom red curry.

Morel cream cheese spread on toasted baguette crostini.

Chanterelle pastry rolls.


Rabbit stew, with carrots, jerusalem artichokes, celery, beets, garlic, and lard

Cauliflower mushroom with cauliflower and hubbard squash.

Meatballs in chanterelle sauce



Traded from the good folks at kimchiandmeatballs. Check out their recipes - amazing!

Olive wreath bread


Pickled radishes and shallots


Molasses/applesauce cake with yogurt, berries


Homebrew -- IPA with lots of grown and foraged hops

White wine

Apple brandy

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